Blog posts from 2023

Why you should never stop asking for help at work

There’s a pattern I’ve observed through my time as an engineer and a manager. As someone progresses through their career, the amount they ask for help from others follows a u-curve, and takes a significant dip around the mid-level portion of their career. If left unchecked, that lack of support and collaboration can slow down their growth, cause a lot of unnecessary stress, and lower the quality of their work. This is something which then needs to be unlearned as the person continues to grow on to a more senior level.

How I use journaling to support my wellbeing

I see a lot of mentions of journaling on social media. Some of the personal development books I’ve read include journaling prompts at the end of each chapter. Any search of the term will turn up a lot of content on the benefits of journaling. But what I don’t really see anyone talking about, is what journaling means to them, or how they go about it.