The web is getting pushy

The web is getting pushy - Phil Nash


  • Live coding
  • ES6
  • Audience Participation

Web vs Native

  • we have
    • geolocation
    • accelerometer
    • peer-to-peer video chat
    • push notification (new)


  • our page can live update while we're on the tab but as soon as we leave it, we lose what's going on

  • notifications in all bar IE (under consideration for Edge)

  • Notification.requestPermission()

  • if (Notification.permission === 'granted')

  • new Notification({from, message})

  • but these go away, we lose the notifications

  • Service Worker allows for offline notifications

  • supported in Chrome, Firefox behind a flag, and Opera (under consideration for Edge)

  • push notification Chrome, Firefox, (soon for opera), (under consideration for Edge)


  • chrome://serviceworker-internals
  • notifications don't work when chrome is in full screen mode
  • with great power, comes great responsibility... don't spam the user