Another billion browsers and internet of things

Another billion browsers and internet of things - Martin Jakl

  • there is a new generation of lower powered devices coming, they'll be connected to the internet

Web and mobile - the next generation

  • todays smart phones run a version of the desktop browser, will we make the same mistake with the next generation?
  • WAP - huge investment, nobody really used it
  • WAC 2.0 - was like HTML5, but not quite. HTML5 beat it to the market, nobody really used it

The Internet of Things

  • for example
    • smart sensors
    • wearables
    • connected hours
    • connected car
    • etc
  • Raspberry Pi
    • Epiphany - Fast, modern browser for the Raspberry Pi
    • low powered device running the latest web tech
  • Samsung Gear 2
    • runs WebKit
    • developing for it is developing WebKit widgets

IoT issues

  • ease of development
  • security / privacy
  • less powerful hardware

Lets us WebKit

  • advantages
    • existing dev-tools
    • community
    • known quantity
  • security
    • https, TLS & SSL
  • privacy
    • cookies
    • web storage
    • CORS
  • memory usage
    • important not to use too much memory on low-power devices
    • need to be aware of memory usage and garbage collection
    • existing functionality to has been proven in WebKit desktop

Going forward

  • developers and designers need to consider memory optimisation for next-gen devices
  • we need better memory management in WebKit


Performance and hardware acceleration is not the big issue, memory usage is.