Notes from #lwssausage

Bruce's tour of the sausage factory Bruce Lawson

  • Politicians are like sausages: almost exclusively lips and arseholes
  • The first railway coaches were standardised to the width of 2 horse arses (4 ft 8 1/2 in)
  • Open standards give us interoperable software
  • It is not known who originally compiled the list of CSS colo(u)rs
  • Retrospective standardisation: things that are used as a standard before they're officially documented
  • Interoperability almost killed the web before HTML5 came along
  • A spec that is not defined, is - definition - not a very good spec
  • P*****s are completely anti-standards
  • HTML5 is not trying to support old browsers. It's trying to support old content.
  • A lot of spec decisions are based on backward compatibility and interoperability
  • ServiceWorker forces you to do the work, but actually does what you want, instead of relying on the magic of AppCache
  • Low-level APIs appear to be much more useful than High-level ones
  • Web Components put us in the standards driver-seat

Building awesome responsive experiences with JavaScript Jonathan Fielding

  • Responsive websites are about more than just how a website looks
  • Different layouts for compacting tabs (tabs / accordion) a good example
  • Light boxes suck on mobile
  • Paged carousels can just stack on mobile
  • It's okay to have a different journey on mobile
  • Change functionality on viewport
    • window.onresize
    • window.matchMedia
      • .add listener
  • Libraries
  • Optimise the user's journey to their device