Notes from #lwslightning

Architecting for success - Daniel Knell

  • Architect - primary deliverable is quality
    • Code
    • Process
    • Not losing quality over time
  • Have to play with all the shiny stuff
  • 5 step plan to better, lazier, more architectural thoughts
    • Communication
      • we suck at it
      • Stop thinking in terms of "us and them"
    • The Big Picture
      • Efficiency - minimise the amount of work that needs to be done
      • Build for reusability
    • Be Prepared
      • Build what is required now, but in a way that's prepared for what's likely to come next
    • Optimise: always
      • Be mindful of what you're optimising
      • Don't just focus on cost and speed
      • Developer Agility
    • Automation
      • Automate all the things
      • Grunt!
  • Keep Learning!

ISNI and Linked Data - Laura Dawson

  • Contributors to content creators
  • API with content creation profile
  • You may already have one

User Experience vs Learning Technology - Leonard Houx

  • Welcome to Academia
  • Digital Natives
    • The internet generation have "brains full of internet"
  • Constructivism
    • If you're gonna learn something, you have to learn it yourself
    • Create learning environment for the student
  • Nice sentiments, but bad UX
  • 'Digital Natives' “My butt!”
  • Constructivism? "Also, my butt!"
  • Cognitive Load
    • How much you can hold in short-term memory
  • As UX leads to good teaching
    • Direct instruction
    • Worked Examples
    • Reduce Cognitive Load
  • Accept your users
  • Make learning feel better

Mobile UX Patterns for eCommerce - Fabio Bertone

  • Don't just look at the "best" sites, look at the relevant ones
  • Login / Register is the main pinpoint
    • Workout if user needs to login or register by analytics
    • Simplify registration
    • Accept there will be lots of registration errors, help the user out
    • Break it down into small steps with feedback loops
  • Springboards are dead
  • Different site behaviours for different user behaviours

What is capability URL and why do I care? - Daniel Appelquist

  • Cool URLs don't change, but not all URLs are cool
  • No login required and easy to pass on
  • URLs weren't designed to be secret
  • Capability URLs Should:
    • only be https
    • expire