What I'm working on at Big Wednesday IO.


Soon to be going into a closed alpha trial, Orderable is a marketplace that connects independent retails to the suppliers they user every day, streamlining their ordering experience. The application is written in AngularJS and consumes a series of RESTful JSON APIs.


Big Wednesday IO

We wanted the content to be easily editable via markdown, and everything to be deployed to static file hosting for optimal speed. To achieve this I used the Wintersmith static site generator, with the nunjucks templating plugin. Most of the site has been hand-coded.


Some of the things I work on in my spare time

Weird Breakpoints

The idea for weird breakpoints was to break away from the 320/768/960 testing blinkers, and see your website in a viewport you might not have considered. I then extended this to use analytics data to show popular screen sizes from the last few months. Ironically, the site itself works best on larger screens.


Below is a sample of some of the projects that I have worked on during my time at MICROS eCommerce.


For the Thornton's website we were working with a different platform from usual. There was a lot of work to get the code from the back-end ready for front-end styling. The deadline was very tight but I feel we did very well under the circumstances. The main areas I worked on are 'Checkout' and 'My Account'.


Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker is one of the white label sites based on the Chef & Brewer website. I was part of a small team redoing all of the CSS and in some parts HTML to give apply a Taylor Walker look and feel to the website.


MICROS eCommerce Website

With the incorporation of Snow Valley into MICROS came the need for a rebranding and redesign of the company website. I lead a small team of contractors in this project to get the website from design to completion in just one week.

http://micros-ecommerce.com (has been redone)

Virgin Atlantic Travel Money

The Virgin Atlantic Travel Money website is my favourite of the Money Corp white label sites that I worked on. The challenge was to implement the highly customised design using only CSS as the HTML was shared code, all with a very tight deadline.

http://virginatlantic.currencyandmore.com (has been redone)

Chef & Brewer

This was the first of several adaptive websites we made for Spirit Pub Companies. I was involved from an early stage and coded significant amounts of the website. This was used as the basis for the white label sites that followed.


Ordnance Survey

On this site I styled a redesign of the homepage and extended that look and feel accorss the "Custom Made" maps section of the website. This included a dynamic feature showing preview text on the chosen map cover.

http://shop.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk (has been redone)

Liverpool FC Store

I frequently performed small enhancements to the Liverpool FC Store while on my placement year. The biggest of these being a full product list and landing pages redesign.

http://store.liverpoolfc.tv (has been redone)

Sole Trader Mobile

This was the first soletradermobile build I worked on for MICROS eCommerce. Although there was an existing back end system, I rewrote almost all of the HTML and CSS to get the desired look and function of the mobile site. It was built with expansion in mind and scales well to medium sized devices.

http://m.soletrader.co.uk (has been redone)

Punch Buying Club

Punch is one of our largest clients, and there's always a series of enhancements being performed on the site in one way or another. I worked on several of these enhancements though as this is a members only site, it's not really something I can demonstrate.


Majestic Wine

I have done several smaller packages of work on the Majestic Wines website, most notably implementing a product-list redesign with functionality to toggle between list and grid view.

http://majestic.co.uk (has been redone)

These sites have all been built by me, from scratch, either as personal projects or professional commissions.

Three Willows Garden Centre

After receiving beautiful designs from Kelly Dyson, I built this site fully bespoke, including a custom CMS for the client to edit the website with. Clean, elegant, responsive.


MStrutt Photography

This website was a nice simple piece I made to show off some of my photography work. The focus was on ease of maintainence and a design that was both elegant and scalable.